Stressed, Worried or Low?

Stressed, Worried or Low?

Feeling stressed, worried, or low?

We can all feel stressed, worried or low at times but sometimes the problems get worse and affect our day to day lives. You may feel alone or panicky, find yourself crying more than usual, find it difficult to do your job or get pleasure out of anything.

Many people who experience these problems and feel this way have found that, with the right help, there is a lot they can do to feel better.

On this page you will find useful online resources, information and advice to help support improvements to your mental wellbeing.  

Live Well Stay Well can offer you the support and motivation you need to find the best service for you to help you improve your feelings of wellbeing.  Then you can refer yourself to the service you choose and Live Well Stay Well will stay in touch throughout your programme, to find out how you are getting on and offer any extra support you might need.  There is even a service we can refer you to that can support you if your Long Term Health Condition is affecting your mental wellbeing.  By registering your details on our secure online form, you will have access to range of services to choose from as well as our self-assessment tools, digital goal setting and lots of other online resources too.  Why not register your details and see if you are eligible for one of our free support programmes?  

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Eligibility criteria will apply to some services

Did you know?

Communication is important, whether it's with a friend, family member or counsellor

Live Well Stay Well has already referred over 1,400 people to tailored support services

Stressed, Worried or Low?

Our top tips

  • Make sure you take 'Me' time.  Do something YOU enjoy
  • Try to be more active
  • Talk to someone about the way you feel; a problem shared is a problem halved
  • It's okay to not be okay 
  • Take 6 to 10 deep, slow breaths to relieve stress and anxiety



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