Live Well Stay Well Support

Live Well Stay Well Support

What is Live Well Stay Well support?

If you live in Buckinghamshire or have a Buckinghamshire GP then we recommend that you register an online account to find out about the wide range of support available, including online, phone and face to face. Most options available are completely free and you can choose how much or how little you take up, you don't have to take any action or commit to anything once you have registered but if you are feeling motivated to make some small changes, we can support you to provide the best chance of success. 

Frequently asked questions

Why should I register an online account with Live Well Stay Well, what is available?

Live Well Stay Well provides the following for those who register an online account:

  • Digital assessments in a range of Healthy Lifestyle areas to find out how healthy you are currently
  • Online information and digital tools to help you choose what you would like to start to change
  • Ongoing online help to set personal goals (and stick to them) to help you make the changes you have chosen
  • Find out about and request a referral to a range of expert support services & programmes that can help you make healthy lifestyle changes, available via telephone support, face to face meetings in community locations or group sessions
  • To register and use all the online tools is completely FREE! Most programmes which are available for you to refer yourself to are also FREE for those eligible to attend.
  • For some programmes you can choose your appointment times and locations to suit you, from our flexible range of options and where you can’t, the service will get in touch with you, saving you having to follow up and spend lots of time on the phone
  • You can choose how often you want to be contacted and how you want to be contacted (e.g. email/phone/text) to offer continued support with making the changes you choose
  • 24/7 access to your online account and assistance from our staff is just a phone call or email away
  • Support, advice, account registration and full assessment of your current lifestyle can be provided by telephone if you do not want to manage this yourself, via our website

You don't have to take any action once registered, but all resources are available should you feel motivated to make changes. You can come back whenever you like.

There’s really nothing to lose!  For more information, see our frequently asked questionsor:

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Live Well Stay Well Support

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