Healthy Eating Week - Friday = reduce food waste

Did you know the most commonly thrown away foods in the UK are milk, fresh potatoes and bread?

Did you know that 70% of food wasted in the UK comes from households?

Reducing how much food we waste is better for the planet and will also save us money.


Small changes to how you do things can make a difference. 

  • Make sure your fridge is set to 0 - 5 C and your freezer is set to -18 C.

  • Plan ahead - work out how much food you will need for meals and snacks before you shop. Why not try this portion planner to help you work out how much food you need for each person for each meal.

  • Check food labels for how to store the food.

  • Put food in airtight containers to keep it fresh.


The British Nutrition Foundation has some top tips to help us to reduce how much food we throw away.

Know your portions and use these when you choose, cook, and serve food and drinks (to stop buying or cooking too much.)

Use the Get Portion Wise! guide to help you get your portions right.

Measure out the portion sizes that are right for you – use weighing scales, spoons, and your hands. 


Plan ahead – plan your meals for the week, write a shopping list, batch cook for later, use up leftovers.

Buy foods with the latest ‘use by’ date to maximise the time you have to use them.

If you cook more food than you need, have it for lunch the next day. Throw in some different grains and vegetables if you need to bulk it out, or portion out and freeze it so you have meals ready for a quick dinner – this saves you throwing food away!

Write a shopping list of ingredients you need for meals and snacks throughout the week.

If you have an excess of food, share it with friends, neighbours, or colleagues to stop food going to waste. 

What foods do you throw out? What one thing could you do to change this?

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Healthy Eating Week - Friday = reduce food waste