How to cope with loneliness

According to the Mental Health Foundation, one in four of us will feel lonely at some point in our lives. Feeling lonely over a period of time can have a negative impact on our mental Health. If you have been feeling lonely then take a look at the Mental Health Foundation’s advice on what you can do to reduce these feelings.  It can sometimes be hard to take action but why not try taking some small steps to help yourself.

  1. Try to do some enjoyable things to keep you busy - doing some fun and fulfilling tasks can help you feel more positive and have more energy.

  2. Try to do things that stimulate your mind - this could be taking a course or learning something new.

  3. Do some physical activity - this can give you energy and give positive feelings a boost.

  4. Engage with people you meet each day - this may seem hard but even a short conversation or saying hi to someone can help. You may be giving someone else a boost too.

  5. Find people that share your interests or who have had similar experiences to you. This will give you a sense of belonging which will make all the difference to how you feel.

  6. Look after a pet - they give you unconditional love and support, give you structure to your day and help you get out and about.

  7. Use social media positively - find people and groups who enjoy the things you enjoy. Be aware of how you feel when you use social media and focus on areas that help you feel positive.

  8. Make use of the talking therapies in your local area.

Do you know someone who might be feeling lonely? Consider if you can help ‘lift someone out of loneliness’. The Mental Health Foundation offers advice on how to support someone else.

  1. Don’t judge or stigmatise -  this can be a barrier to others being open to a conversation that might help them.

  2. Try to make groups welcoming to others - it can be hard to join a group so a friendly welcome can help someone feel comfortable.

  3. Try to listen and show understanding - simply listening to someone will help them feel heard and understood.

If you feel you are in need of support with your mental health then please click here to find ways to get the help you need.

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How to cope with loneliness