World Obesity Day - 4th March 2022

‘More respect. Better care. Bold policies. Real action. Together, we can give everybody the chance to live happier, healthier and longer lives.’

World Obesity Day is a day for everyone to come together to tackle the global obesity crisis.

Run by the World Obesity Federation it has 4 main purposes:

  • Increase awareness of the root causes of obesity and how to address them.
  • Change how obesity is addressed in society.
  • Improve policies that create a healthy environment, prioritise tackling obesity and put good support systems in place.
  • Share experiences to make our voices heard and unite to work together.

‘Everybody needs to Act’ is the theme of World Obesity Day 2022. The aim is to improve understanding, prevention and treatment of obesity.

There are many root causes of obesity in society. We need to be aware that simplifying the disease to one cause makes treatment harder. It is important to raise awareness of its complexity and tackle all of these to get the best outcomes. The root causes are:

  • Biology - the human body’s inbuilt systems to protect itself from starvation make it harder to maintain weight loss.
  • Food - global rise in ultra processed food is contributing to the rise in obesity.
  • Genetic Risk - our genes account for 40 - 70% of likelihood of developing obesity.
  • Healthcare Access - without access most people will not reach and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Life Events - prenatal life, early adulthood, pregnancy, illness and medication all influence weight gain.
  • Marketing - marketing of food has a known link to obesity
  • Mental health - symptoms of mental health and their medications can lead to weight gain.
  • Sleep - lack of sleep and stress affects hormones which can impact on weight.
  • Stigma - exposure to discrimination and stigma about weight can have an impact on someone living with obesity.

‘Obesity is a global problem, and it affects us all. Around 800 million of us are living with the disease, with millions more at risk. We know the roots of obesity run deep, and the only way we can make progress is by working together. World Obesity Day calls for action at local, national, and global levels to address rising rates of obesity, reduce the stigma faced by people living with obesity, and improve the systems that contribute to obesity around the world. Together, we can give everybody the best chance to live happier, healthier, and longer lives.’ - World Obesity Federation.

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World Obesity Day - 4th March 2022