Look after your heart

Do you know how healthy your heart is?

It can be hard to know. Even if you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure, two of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease,  you may not have any symptoms and be unaware of it until it becomes more of a problem.

Why not take the NHS Heart Age test? By answering questions about your lifestyle, yourself and and other measurements you will get an idea of what your heart age is compared to your actual age. Having a heart age that is higher than your actual age means you are at higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke, two of the main forms of cardiovascular disease.

The test is suitable for anyone aged 30 to 95, who does not already have a condition related to their heart or blood vessels. After taking the test you will get advice about what you could do to look after your heart and lower your risk.

Cardiovascular disease causes a quarter of deaths every year. Last week, the new NHS Heart Attack campaign was launched. It is raising awareness of the symptoms of a heart attack and encouraging anyone experiencing these symptoms to call 999. 

It has been found that people will act when experiencing more commonly known symptoms of a heart attack, such as chest pain, but not recognise other common symptoms. Being aware of these lesser known signs, such as sweating, a feeling of unease, lightheadedness, feeling weak or a tightening or squeezing of the chest will mean people will act sooner and more lives can be saved. In fact, 70% of people surveyed knew that chest pain is a symptom of a heart attack, only 41% knew that sweating was a symptom and only 27% were aware that feeling lightheaded, weak or uneasy were also symptoms.

More than 80,000 hospital admissions are due to a heart attack in England each year.  By finding out your heart age and making changes to your lifestyle you could lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. And having a heart attack in the future.

You can find resources for the Heart Attack campaign by visiting the Campaign Resources website.


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Look after your heart