It's not about getting it right...

… it’s about getting started.

When we make the decision to lose weight or to have a healthier lifestyle it can be hard to know where to start.

The NHS Better Health ‘How Are You?’ Quiz is a great place to get some advice.  The 10 minute quiz asks you questions about yourself, your lifestyle and your priorities to point you in the right direction. The quiz looks at four main areas, healthy eating, alcohol, smoking and physical activity. Your answers are compared to what the recommendations are and this gives you an overall score out of 10. Your results are also colour coded so you can quickly see the areas you might want to focus on:-

Green = you seem to be following the guidelines and making healthy choices,

Amber = you are following some of the recommendations but you could do more and

Red = it looks like you are not following the guidelines at the moment.

Your results are then emailed to you for easy reference along with a few pointers to apps that will help you on your way.

The quiz is not a tool to find out if you are healthy or unwell and is not a medical test. However it is a great tool you can use to help you take those first steps towards a healthier lifestyle or losing weight.

Take 10 minutes now and get started on a healthier you!

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It's not about getting it right...