Time to Talk

Research released today shows that 1 in 4 of those surveyed experienced a worsening of their mental health during the pandemic but have yet to talk to anyone about it.

The poll was conducted as part of Time to Talk Day, a national day, run in England by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, to encourage us to talk about our mental health. The aim is to spark millions of conversations about mental health, in communities, schools, workplaces and online.

Beverley Callard, Mind Ambassador, said:

“We all have mental health so it’s concerning that some of us may have never spoken about it. From my own experience, I know how helpful it can be to talk to people who have been through similar situations. Time to Talk Day is a brilliant opportunity to support each other, simply by starting a conversation. And don’t forget, listening is just as important. Sometimes just taking on board what someone has said can mean the world.”

Of those who had talked about their mental health, 73% had had a positive experience and said that feeling listened to and supported were the reasons why they felt it was positive.

Having a conversation about mental health can change lives. Why not take a step towards starting a conversation today.

Time to Talk