Why we should all take part in veganuary this year

Veganuary grows each year in numbers and so do the vegan food options! For all those wanting to make some healthier food choices, using this annual vegan campaign to your advantage is a great way to stay on track.

Usually when making diet changes, it can be difficult to know what to cook and what foods you need to switch. Veganuary is promoted in every supermarket and the food options are perfectly positioned to help participants know what to buy and try. This is also when the vegan community posts the most vegan recipes and tips on social media, because they want people to succeed in their vegan diet commitment. 

Being surrounded by this much support when making new healthy eating choices is very rare and will most definitely help with taking those first steps towards lasting lifestyle changes. 

For once, every supermarket and food establishment is on your side whilst you’re ‘on a diet’. They’re actively helping you stay on track with the vegan diet instead of taunting you with unhealthy foods!

Vegetarians and vegans are typically leaner than meat eaters because a veggie diet commonly has less saturated fat and focuses on foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and meat alternatives which often have less calories. 

To learn more about plant based diets, read our article ‘How healthy is a plant based diet?

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Why we should all take part in veganuary this year