Five reasons why the second week of January is better to start eating healthy!

We say it every Christmas “The diet starts in the new year” but is it realistic to start healthy eating straight after the holidays or will we be more successful if we just wait one more week? 

Following the festive season we have all usually indulged and got into some unhealthy eating habits that we would quickly like to get out of.  But rushing into a new healthier diet the first day of the year may result in a failed attempt to get healthy and here's why:

  1. Hangover cravings

Alcohol lowers your blood sugar and makes you particularly hungry. This is why you crave fat, sugar and carbs when hungover. When deciding on a healthy diet start date, you should pick a day that you won’t have had a drink for 24 hours.

  1. You have a surplus of unhealthy food in the home

Rather than being surrounded by temptations, use the first week of January to enjoy indulgent gifts you may have received and mark the 2nd week of January as the deadline for the unhealthy food to be out of the cupboards! 

  1. You’ve rushed into it

Putting a plan in place for major life changes results in a better rate of success because you have identified when the commitment begins and how you are going to stay committed. Beginning your New Years Resolution to eat healthy in the second week of January gives you the chance to ‘de-christmas’ and properly prepare for your lifestyle changes.

  1. Sales, sales and more sales!

January is filled with sales and the first week is usually filled with Christmas foods that are being sold for a fraction of their usual price. Starting the second week of January means you miss these extra moments of temptation!

  1. Drop outs

The gyms are busier during the first week with a surge of dieters. Waiting a week will give you a little more breathing room when working out as many will have sadly given up because of the reasons listed above! 

Plus, those that are still going strong in the second week of January are who you want to be surrounded by! In fact having a support network when making lifestyle changes drastically improves your chances of success.

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Five reasons why the second week of January is better to start eating healthy!