Better Health Quit Smoking

Research shows that if you get to 28 days being smoke free then you are 5 times more likely to stop for good.

Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health. The good news is that the benefits start almost immediately!  

  • After 20 minutes your pulse rate has returned to normal.

  • After 8 hours your oxygen levels are recovering and carbon monoxide levels have halved.

  • After 48 hours all carbon monoxide has cleared from the body and your sense of smell and taste are improving.

  • After 72 hours breathing will be easier and you will have more energy.

  • Between 2 and 12 weeks your circulation improves.

  • Between 3 - 9 months your lung function is improving.

  • After 1 year your risk of a heart attack, compared to a smoker, is halved.

  • After 10 years your risk of developing lung cancer, compared to a smoker, is halved.

Have you thought about the other benefits to stopping smoking?

  • It has been proven that your mood will improve with reduced feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.

  • You will have more cash in your pocket. What could you do with that extra money?

  • You will be protecting your family from secondhand smoke, reducing their risk of developing asthma and some cancers.

  • Your skin will be clearer and your mouth healthier.

Better Health is running a Quit Smoking Campaign to promote stopping smoking and the benefits it has on your health. Live Well Stay Well can provide 8-12 weeks of 1:1 support to help you stop smoking. For more information you can call 01494 490444, text ‘QUIT’ to 85222 or head on over to their website.

What's motivating you to stop smoking?

Better Health Quit Smoking