Dry January 2022

Dry January is the UK’s challenge to be alcohol free. Organised by Alcohol Change UK, they say it is not about giving anything up but about getting something back - getting your fun back, getting your energy back, getting your calm back, Get your YOU back.

Maybe you feel like you have overindulged through December or maybe you have realised that how much alcohol you drink has been increasing recently. The New Year is a great time to focus on your health and reset your relationship with alcohol.

Most people who do Dry January notice some benefits to being alcohol free for a month. Of those who have taken part previously:

  • 70% said they were sleeping better,
  • 86% said they saved money,
  • 65% said their general health improved.

There are also improvements inside your body. Research shows that giving up alcohol for a month can:

  • Lower blood pressure,
  • Reduce your diabetes risk,
  • Lower cholesterol,
  • Lower levels of cancer related proteins in the blood.

Research has also shown that 6 months on, 70% of those who took part in Dry January were still drinking at a healthier level as well as having an increased feeling of wellbeing. Giving up alcohol for a month can help to show us that that we don’t need alcohol to have fun and help us learn ways to manage our drinking.

In the long term, cutting back can also reduce our risk of the 60+ health conditions that are linked to alcohol consumption.

Can you take on the Dry January challenge? Find out more at Alcohol Change UK.

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Dry January 2022