How to have a healthy Merry Christmas


Christmas can be a difficult time of year to stick to our health goals. We may be eating out more, socialising or just have more snacks lying around the house. The British Heart Foundation have put together some tips to help us enjoy the festivities alongside looking after our waistline and our health.

  1. Don't’ overdo it! - think about portion size when you are eating out.

  2. If you are eating out try and balance things out at other meal times.

  3. Check the menu in advance - you are more likely to make healthier decisions before hand.

  4. Ask for healthy swaps such as a jacket potato, vegetables or salad instead of chips, or dressings and sauces to be put on the side.

  5. Try to choose the healthier options and not just your favourite food.

  6. Beware of the extras - a roast meat with plenty of veg can be healthy - be careful or the extras such as roast potatoes and parsnips cooked in oil, pigs in blankets and gravies and sauces.

  7. Fill up on vegetales.

  8. Keep to a regular meal pattern to help you cut down on nibbles and snacks.

  9. Be drink aware - be aware of the calories and units in the alcohol you drink and keep track of what you are drinking. Stick to the 14 units a week limit that is recommended.

  10. Socialise in other ways - can you do something else other than eating out or going for a drink?

You can read more details about these tips on the British Heart Foundation website.

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How to have a healthy Merry Christmas