Better Health tools are here to help you!

The new year is often a time when we consider making healthy lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, reducing how much alcohol we drink or losing weight. Perhaps you‘ve been thinking about what you want to achieve and how to be healthier in 2022.

The NHS Better Health campaign has a range of apps and tools available to you to help you make the changes you want to make.


NHS Weight Loss Plan - a 12 week plan to help you lose weight

Couch to 5 k - a running app for absolute beginners

Active 10 - helps you track and build up your daily walks

Drink Free Days - to help you have alcohol free days

NHS Quit Smoking - to help you stop smoking

Easy Meals - meal ideas, recipes and cooking tips

NHS Food Scanner - helps you find healthier food swaps



BMI calculator - to check your body mass index

Heart Age test (for over 30s) - tells you your heart age compared to your actual age

Every Mind Matters quiz - to get your own mind plan

A great place to start is by taking the How Are You quiz. After answering questions about your lifestyle you will get tips on looking after your health and suggestions on what you can do to be healthier.

Support is also available by registering with Live Well Stay Well. You can gain access to advice and support on how to reach and maintain a healthy weight, eat a balanced diet, become more physically active, quit smoking and live a healthier lifestyle. Why not take your first step to being healthier in 2022. Click the register button to find out more.

Better Health tools are here to help you!