Increase in alcohol related deaths in 2020

Data released from the Office of National Statistics showed that deaths caused by alcohol increased by nearly 19% in 2020 compared to 2019. This is a change from the previous seven years where the number of alcohol related deaths remained at a similar level.

This is thought to be linked to an increase in dangerous drinking habits resulting from lockdown. Data has also shown in England the number of people drinking more than 14 units a week increased during the first lockdown and has remained stable since then.

It is recommended that we do not have more than 14 units of alcohol a week and this should be spread out over 3 or more days with a couple of alcohol free days. Sticking with these guidelines reduces your risk of harming your health. 

NHS Better Health tells us the benefits we may notice as a result of cutting down how much we drink.

Short term benefits:

  • Feeling better in the mornings
  • Being less tired and more energetic
  • Better looking skin
  • Saving some money

Long term benefits:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower risk of stroke, hypertension, cancer and liver disease
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Better mood, memory and quality of sleep
  • Help with weight management

Would you like to reduce how much alcohol you drink? Why not visit the NHS Better Health website to find some ideas of how you can cut down. 

If you are struggling with your drinking then you can find out how to get help by visiting the Alcohol Change UK website.


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Increase in alcohol related deaths in 2020