Do you eat everything on your plate?

If you eat everything on your plate at meal times, even if you are full, then you are the among the 41% of GB adults who admit to doing this, according to research by the British Nutrition Foundation. The figure was higher for men (51%) compared to women (31%). The research found that 37% of women and 24% of men will leave food if they feel full before finishing.

This survey has been carried out as part of the British Nutrition Foundation’s research and advice about portion size.  It found that 80% of us do think about portions when preparing and serving meals but 1 in 5 of us will serve a large portion to ensure we are not hungry afterwards and nearly a quarter of us will serve out a portion according to our hunger.

When it comes to less healthy snacks just over a third of us are guided by our mood and hunger when deciding how much to eat and only 12% of those surveyed mentioned having smaller servings and having snacks that are 100 calories.

Commenting on the survey findings, Sara Stanner, Science Director, British Nutrition Foundation said: “With most UK adults overweight or obese, it’s concerning that people may not be controlling the portion sizes of the foods, meals or snacks they eat. A balanced diet is about both what you eat and how much you consume, and understanding sensible portion sizes is a key piece of the puzzle in putting healthy eating into practice”.

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Do you eat everything on your plate?