Global Nutrition Report 2021

‘Poor diets and resulting malnutrition in all its forms are unacceptably high across the world, creating one of the world’s greatest current societal challenges. The need for bolder, sustained and better coordinated action on nutrition that goes far beyond the nutrition community has never been greater.’

The Global Nutrition Report was released recently which highlights the state of nutrition worldwide.

The main areas this report focuses on include:

  • The progress made towards targets set,
  • The impact of poor diets on health and the planet,
  • Reports on past nutrition commitments made by stakeholders and governments.

This report shows that unacceptable levels of malnutrition still exist. Worldwide it was shown that of children under 5

  • 149.2 million are stunted, 
  • 45.4 million are wasted and 
  • 38.9 million are above a healthy weight. 

In adults, over 40% of men and women are overweight or obese.


Of the 194 countries assessed:

  • 105 are on track to meet targets for tackling childhood obesity and 1 in 4 are on track to meet wasting and stunting targets. 
  • No progress in tackling anaemia was found in 161 countries.
  • No country is on track to reduce salt in diets or halt rise in adult obesity.
  • Only a few high income western countries are meeting the targets set to reduce high blood pressure and diabetes in the population.

When looking at what the population of different countries are eating the report found that:

  • Fruit and vegetable intake about 50% below recommendations of 5 servings a day.
  • Red and Processed meat intake is on the rise.
  • Consumption of sugary drinks is also rising.

The general trend was that lower income countries have lowest intake of fruit and veg and highest levels of underweight while higher income countries have a higher intake red meat, processed meat and dairy products as well as the highest levels of overweight and obesity.

Finally it was found that deaths attributable to poor diets has grown by 15% since 2010 and 26% of adult deaths each year are linked to a non communicable disease which could be related to poor diets.

The next steps will be discussed at a Nutrition for Growth summit in Tokyo in December 2021, where healthy diets are one of the main topics to be discussed.

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Global Nutrition Report 2021