An Eatwell Guide for you!

The Eatwell Guide gives us guidance on how to have a healthy, balanced diet. It tells us what food groups should be included in our diet and in what proportions, as well as giving advice on fluid intake, foods high in fat and sugar and how we can use food labels to help us make healthier choices. We are advised to choose a variety of foods from each food group so we get a all the nutrients we need to stay healthy.

The NHS website tells us:

‘The Eatwell Guide applies to most of us, whether we are a healthy weight or overweight, whether we eat meat or are vegetarian, and no matter what our ethnic origin.’

However, did you know that different versions of the Eatwell Guide are available to help specific groups get guidance that is related to them?

The Vegetarian Society have developed the Vegetarian Eatwell Guide which replaces meat and fish with vegetarian sources of protein.

The Vegan Society have also developed an Eatwell Guide for Vegans, giving advice so vegans can make sure they are getting all the nutrients they need.

The Diverse Nutrition Association has recently released an African and Caribbean Eatwell Guide which also includes foods that are more commonly eaten within these groups.

It is important to remember that if you have special dietary requirements or medical needs you should check with a qualified health professional on how to adapt the Eatwell Guide to met your individual needs.

An Eatwell Guide for you!