How to have a healthy roast dinner

Sometimes we may think that eating healthily means big changes to what we are eating but missing out on our favourite foods and a complete overhaul of our diet is not necessarily sustainable in the long term. It may be that a few small changes to the meals we eat can make our food healthier and means we don’t miss out on the food we enjoy.

The traditional roast dinner is a favourite in this country and great comfort food too. Have you ever thought about how you can make this meal healthier and how you could cut down on the fat, saturated fat and salt, therefore making it better for your health as well as your waistline?

The British Heart Foundation has some top tips so we can enjoy this meal while also looking after our health.

  1. Have plenty of veg - steaming or boiling is best, if you roast them then use a small amount of oil.

  2. Choose lower fat meats such as chicken or turkey, cut off excess fat, choose leaner cuts, don’t eat the skin and watch your portion size. 

  3. Use low salt gravy and if you are using meat juices then skim of any fat before adding to the gravy.

  4. Make larger roast potatoes and parboil before roasting to reduce fat content. Flavour with herbs and spices rather than salt.

  5. Find an alternative to a nut roast to lower the fat content of your dinner.

  6. Avoid the extras like Yorkshire Pudding, stuffing and some sauces which can add calories and fat to your meal.

  7. Have a fruit based pudding.

A few swaps can make a difference to what you are eating and the impact on your body and health. 

What changes could you make to your favourite meal?

How to have a healthy roast dinner