Stopping Smoking with Champix

Champix, which is also known as varenicline, is a prescription medicine that helps people quit smoking. It does this by reducing nicotine cravings and helping with withdrawal symptoms such as wanting to smoke, irritability, depression and sleep problems. It comes as a tablet and is taken daily over 12 weeks. For more information about Champix, click here.

However you may have heard that Champix isn’t available at the moment and unfortunately is something out of our control. The manufacturer of Champix announced in June that there was a supply issue and that this was expected to last at least several weeks.

You can read the announcement from the manufacturer here.

If you are taking Champix currently you may not be able to complete your treatment.  If this is the case you are advised to talk to your stop smoking advisor.  They can recommend other ways to support you in quitting smoking such as using Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) which gives you low levels of nicotine without you being exposed to the harmful chemicals in cigarettes such as carbon monoxide. Combining using NRT alongside getting support from a health professional increases your chances of stopping smoking for good.


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Stopping Smoking with Champix