Dry January 2021


With the New Year fastly approaching and the amount of alcohol we drink increasing over the Christmas period, Dry January is here to help us reset our bodies and get back into healthy drinking habits! 

Dry January started in 2013 and is an annual movement whereby millions of people gave up alcohol for the month of January. The aim is that you wake up on the 1st January 2021 and not have a drink containing alcohol until the 1st February.

The Evidence

It can sound quite overwhelming not to drink for a whole month, especially if it is a something you are used to and is part of your routine. But the numbers and benefits speak for themselves! A study was done in 2019 on over 6,000 Dry January participants and the below was found:

  • 86% had saved money

  • 81% felt more in control of their drinking

  • 70% were sleeping better

  • 67% had better concentration

  • 66% had more energy

  • 65% had generally better health

  • 54% had lost weight

Sigining Up

You can sign up to Dry January, or you can go it alone. If you do sign up, you will get access to:

  • A free app which will help to track units, calories and money saved

  • Support emails

  • Top tips and stories from past participants

  • Updates on campaigns and Alcohol Change UK’s work 

You can do this with people in your community, with your colleagues from work, with a friend or family member or you can go it alone! There are all sorts of ways you can get yourself through the month! 

For more information about Dry January, click here 

Local Support

If you feel as though you need support with reducing or stopping alcohol consumption you can get in touch with One Recovery Bucks (ORB). ORB provides a range of advice and information to support those who drink over the recommended alcohol limits as well as to family members living with those who may drink too much. There are hubs in High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Buckingham, Burnham and Chesham where support is provided.

Dry January 2021