Better Health 2020 - Information for Professionals

The Better Health campaign was launched in July and aims to help you make healthier food choices, become more active and prevent future weight gain. Anxiety about COVID-19 and the impacts of lockdown have made it harder to stay healthy for around half the population.

The campaign aims to connect residents with a range of healthy lifestyle support designed to benefit their long term health, helping them fight COVID-19 and other diseases. 

Live Well Stay Well offers a range of lifestyle support helping the residents of Buckinghamshire to: eat more healthily, lose weight, stop smoking, reduce their alcohol intake, become more active, manage long term conditions and manage mental health conditions. 

How to make a referral

To refer a patient or client to Live Well Stay Well, please click Professional Referral at the top of your screen. Don’t forget to enter all your details at the bottom of the form and tick the appropriate tile, so we can provide you with feedback.

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Better Health 2020 - Information for Professionals