Drinking Safely and Responsibly throughout Coronavirus

Most of us look forward to the summer to enjoy a couple of weeks on holiday in the sun or perhaps take advantage of the longer days and the warmer weather at home to meet up with friends, socialise and maybe enjoy an alcoholic drink or two. However, this year Covid-19 has severely restricted most of our lives.

Overseas travel restrictions have been introduced, groups of people can now meet - although under strict social distancing guidelines. Pubs, restaurants and other venues selling alcohol have opened with restrictions.

The stress and strain caused by the pandemic has impacted people’s drinking habits at home. Trends indicate that alcohol consumption has increased over this period, possibly as a coping mechanism. 

Buckinghamshire’s Drug and Alcohol Strategic Group are working to raise public awareness about the safe, sensible and responsible way to enjoy alcohol. They have been running a Summer Drinking Awareness campaign throughout the summer that runs to the end of the first week of September. 

Here are some useful tips and additional resources collated by the Alcohol Strategic Group to smash some myths and assist you to drink responsibly and reduce your alcohol consumption:

  • Understand the calories contained in your alcohol consumption - alcohol is more calorific than we think. A couple of pints or glasses of wine may actually have as many calories as a cheeseburger! Check out your favourite drink on the Drink Aware site

  • Keeping track of what you drink – don’t overdo it! If you’d like some help to reduce the amount of alcohol you’re drinking check out the great advice and support available on the NHS One You website to help reduce your alcohol intake.

  • Being aware of drink driving, particularly being aware of alcohol levels the morning after a night out. If you have had more than a couple of drinks, you could be over the limit in the morning, find out more here. Also be aware that Coffee won’t sober you up, you’re still likely to be over the limit.

  • You can still socialise without alcohol. There are some really tasty low or no alcohol drinks available these days!

  • Have fun without booze, there are now so many alternatives to alcoholic drinks. Why not give a mocktail a go.

Avoiding binge drinking. The guidance is to spread your drinking over at least 3 days or more. This also helps prevent accidents, dehydration and heatstroke. Visit DrinkAware for more information on binge drinking.

Drinking Safely and Responsibly throughout Coronavirus