Alcohol Awareness Week 2019

Alcohol Awareness Week runs from 11th - 17th November. It is a chance to get the UK thinking about drinking, the theme for this year is ‘Alcohol and Me’

The campaign is run by They say:

The evidence that drinking too much isn’t good for us is strong. But how much is too much and what are the health risks associated with drinking?

During this year’s Alcohol Awareness Week we will be encouraging people to test their knowledge around the drinking guidelines and health impacts associated with drinking. We will be launching a quiz and an interactive body map to improve understanding and to motivate us all to think about the ways in which we drink, and to consider if it’s time to make a change. We’ll be encouraging people to get talking about alcohol, to start breaking down the shame and stigma that surrounds alcohol problems.

Alcohol doesn’t only impact on individuals who drink. During Alcohol Awareness Week we will get people thinking about how drinking affects our family and friends, our working lives, those living within our communities, and our society more generally.’

Bucks County Council’s Public Health team have joined the campaign and put together some resources for you to use to help promote it.


Alcohol Awareness Week Campaign information from Bucks County Council including posts for Twitter and Facebook

Drink Free Days app animation

One Recovery Bucks animation

Save my units animation


Downloadable posters are also available from Drinkaware.

Alcohol Awareness Week 2019