Physical Activity - encouraging activity in the community

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recently released a quality standard to encourage the population to be more active.

We know that moving more and being more active is important for our physical and mental health, however it can be hard to fit activity into our busy schedules.

One part of the NICE guidance looks at how workplaces can encourage us to be more active. This could be when travelling to and from work and also during the working day.

It recommends that employers provide information and also help us plan how we can increase our activity levels as well as reducing how much time we are sat down.  Planning with each of us individually is important to take into account our different needs and abilities.  

Employers can also make changes within the workplace to increase activity levels. Ideas suggested include:

  • Having signs outside the lifts to encourage us to use the stairs

  • Providing maps and information on safe travel routes

  • Encourage us to take a short walk in our breaks

  • Have walking or standing meetings when possible

Of course there are also advantages for employers.  By encouraging us to be more active there may be a decrease in the number of sick days taken, increased staff satisfaction and an improved workplace environment, which leads to increased productivity.

You can read more about this quality standard on the NICE website.


Physical Activity - encouraging activity in the community