Healthy Eating Week

What could you do to be healthier at work, university or school?

The British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week runs from 10 - 14th June 2019. It aims to encourage organisations in the UK to focus on healthy eating and drinking and physical activity.

This year you could focus on one of the five challenges each day or focus on one over the whole week. The challenges are:

  • Having 5 a day

  • Eating breakfast

  • Drinking plenty

  • Getting active

  • Sleep well

In the UK there are 131 million working days lost to sickness each year and 200,000 lost due to insufficient sleep each year. One in six employees experience mental health problems.

Focusing on health in your organisation can be beneficial to both employers and employees. 

Benefits for employers are:

Increased productivity and production

Reduced absenteeism

Demonstrates to staff and the community that you care about health and wellbeing

Benefits for employees are:

Reduced stress

Improved mental health and self esteem

Improved staff morale and job satisfaction


You can find out what you could do by visiting the British Nutrition Foundation website.


Healthy Eating Week