National Walking Month 2019

National Walking Month runs from 1st - 31st May 2019. Run by Living Streets it aims to encourage people to incorporate walking into their everyday routine.

It is recommended that adults aged 19 - 64 years should do at least 150 minutes of activity a week. However 26% of adults do less that 30 minutes of activity a week. (NHS Statistics on Obesity, Physical Activity and Diet, 2017)

Being more active, including walking more, can improve mental health and help prevent diabetes, heart disease and depression.

One initiative, Walking Works, aims to embed a culture of walking into workplaces.  This could be encouraging walking to and from work or holding walking meetings. We can spend one third of our adult lives at work. If employers show that they care about their employees then this can boost morale and increase productivity.

To encourage the public to incorporate 20 minutes of walking into each day there are 20 tips of ideas to include walking into everyday life including taking the long cut, walking to the local shops and going out with friends and family.

You can find out more about National Walking Month and get resources on the Living Streets website


What is happening in this area?

Chilterns Walking Festival

This  runs from Saturday 18th May to Sunday 2nd June. There will be over 70 walks and activities taking place across the Chilterns. Walks are led by expert guides and you can enjoy spectacular views over the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Simply Walk

In Buckinghamshire you can find over 80 group walks happening all over the county every week. Walks vary in length and difficulty so you can find a route that suits you.

National Walking Month 2019