Healthy Lifestyle Advice for Shift Workers

The British Nutrition Foundation has recently released some advice giving Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Tips for Shift Workers.

This advice looks at what a healthy balanced diet is as well as giving advice on what to eat before and during work. The advice includes what to do at the end of the shift and before going to sleep to try and improve the length and quality of sleep during the day.

The British Nutrition Foundation advice encourages shift workers to lead a healthy lifestyle including eating three regular meals in a 24 hour period, being active and keeping hydrated.

It also looks at drinking caffeinated and energy drinks and advises shift workers to take care with how much and which drinks they choose as these can affect sleep as well as include a lot of sugar.

Lastly the fact sheet recommends healthier alternatives to getting an energy boost by swapping biscuits and chocolate for fibre rich foods which give the body energy over a longer period of time.

More information and the fact sheet can be found on the British Nutrition Foundation’s website

Healthy Lifestyle Advice for Shift Workers