World Sleep Day

Friday 15th March is World Sleep Day.  It aims is to raise awareness of important issues related to sleep and aims to reduce the burden of sleep problems on society by prevention and management of sleep disorders.

Live Well Stay Well has been helping clients improve their sleep since October 2018. Those who report disturbed sleep during triage are signposted to a free digital sleep improvement programme called Sleepio.

Sleepio is an evidence based online sleep improvement programme suitable for adults. Over six weekly sessions tools and techniques are taught to help with falling asleep faster and staying asleep through the night. Sessions are tailored to each patient and include identifying causes of poor sleep, learning to optimise daytime for sleep and learning techniques to clear the mind.

Sleepio has been shown to have help people with poor sleep. On average those who have completed the programme:

  • Fall asleep 54% faster

  • Spend 62% less time awake at night

  • Have daytime energy and concentration boosted by 58%.

Sleepio is available for any NHS patient in the Thames Valley. For more information visit:

World Sleep Day