Know your numbers

A new campaign was launched recently by Public Health England and NHS England, encouraging the public to know their blood pressure and cholesterol to help with the detection and treatment of cardiovascular disease (CVD).

High blood pressure and high cholesterol are major causes of CVD and so the detection and treatment of these conditions can delay, reduce risk or prevent CVD.

It is estimated that 5 million people in England have undiagnosed high blood pressure. There are often no symptoms when someone has high blood pressure or high cholesterol and so the public may be unaware that they need treatment. Every 4 minutes there is a premature death caused by CVD in England. If more people know their blood pressure and cholesterol and get treatment this can be reduced and thousands of heart attacks and strokes can be prevented each year.

Public Health England are encouraging those aged over 40 to get a free NHS Health Check which will assess a person’s risk of heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes and stroke. Advice is also given about how to reduce your risk by making changes to your lifestyle. 

Live Well Stay Well offer NHS Health Checks across Buckinghamshire* To find out more you can click here 

Those over 30 are encouraged to take the Heart Age Test to find out more about the factors that affect heart health.

Those under 30 can take the How are You Quiz to get healthy lifestyle tips


*eligibility applies


Know your numbers