Find Your Balance

Find your Balance

A new guide from the British Nutrition Foundation has been launched to help us monitor how much we are eating. ‘Find your Balance’ helps us eat the right types of food in the right amounts. It complements the Eatwell Guide and helps us understand not only which foods we should be eating but how often and how much.

The guidance tells us how many portions of the different food groups we should be eating during the day:


Fruit and Vegetable: 5+ portions

Starchy Carbohydrates: 3 - 4 portions

Protein: 2 - 3 portions

Dairy and alternatives: 2 -3 portions

Unsaturated oil and spreads: small amounts


It also takes into account the different needs each person has. For example a tall person who is active will need larger portions that someone of a smaller build or someone trying to lose weight.

The guide uses hands and spoons as ways to measure food without having to weigh it, making it a more accessible method for controlling portion sizes. By using hand measurements your portion sizes will vary with the size of your hands so, in general, larger people will get larger portions and smaller people will get smaller portions.


More information can be found on the British Nutrition Foundation website as well as downloadable resources including a poster, booklet and a more in depth list of portion sizes for different foods.

Find Your Balance