Dry January


Dry January is the perfect time to reset your relationship with alcohol. Maybe you feel like you drink too much or too often or you feel like you want to take a break from it. This could be your chance to change your relationship with alcohol and break the habit for good.

Signing up means that you can get regular support emails and access to an app which can help you track your drinking (even beyond January), count calories, and see how much money you have saved. It also gives you tips and tricks to give you extra support.

Dry January started in 2012 and now over 4 million people have taken part. 72% of people who take part are drinking less 6 months later.

Drinking less can help you feel happier and healthier as drinking less can help you sleep better, lose weight, improve your skin and it will do your insides good as well. Other benefits are that you can save money and have an amazing sense of achievement!

Alcohol is linked to more than 60 health conditions including liver disease, high blood pressure, depression and seven types of cancer. It is the biggest cause of death in 15 - 49 year olds. By cutting back on how much you drink you will be reducing your risk of developing a related health condition.

Dry January is your chance to start changing your habits to help you cut down for good.

You can find out more about Dry January here.

Dry January