Better you!


Start the year with a Better you!

The Better you! campaign aims to encourage our target audience to eat healthily in 2019. The communications toolkit below is for stakeholders to use to support the campaign in their organisations and with their clients.

This Campaign is now closed, if you would like to provide feedback on the 'Better You' Campaign materials, communications, general approach or have any successes to report, please do so via our online form.


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Also available for download are the Better You campaign recipe cards, see all listed below in under 'The Campaign Message'.

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The Campaign Message

Whether you are looking to improve your fitness or drop a dress size, Live Well Stay Well has helped thousands of people like you!

“I have lost 1.2 stones since beginning the programme!  I feel, and look, much better which is important. I have more energy and am less tired. I feel I have achieved a great deal and learnt a lot!” – Live Well Stay Well service user

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Big flavour, low cost recipes

Start the year as you mean to go on with our tasty recipes. Eating for a Better you starts here!

“My doctor confirmed that I have reduced my blood sugar level. Just a little way to go to get to my pre-diabetic level! I could not have done this without your valuable service. I’m very grateful!” – Live Well Stay Well service user

Tasty tips

  1. Like chicken? Try removing the skin for less fat but all the flavour.
  2. Swap your sausages for a low fat option.
  3. Keep snacks like fresh and dried fruit, to keep hunger at bay and keep within your recommended daily calorie allowance.

Register with us, Live Well Stay Well, to find out more tips and cooking skills.

Getting leaner and fitter isn’t just about what you eat. Meet people like you and get involved in fun activities for a Better you! Find out how we can help here

Better you!